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The Most Powerful Secret in the World for Unleashing Your Unstoppable Confident Mindset

  • This program is for you if you’re tired of being stuck and feeling like you’re not good enough.
  • This program is for you if comparing yourself to others has killed your joy.
  • This program is for you if procrastination, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, lack of motivation, negative    self-talk and other confidence stoppers are your best friends.
  • This program is for you if you have the tools for success but a lack of confidence keeps you from using them.
  • This program is for you if you are tired of chasing dreams that you never catch.
  • This program is for you if you’re ready to take action, without hesitation, for your success.


I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. It gave me, divorced mom and sole provider of 4 children, the freedom to be involved at their schools, and the flexibility to balance business and family.

I’ve met many women entrepreneurs who purchase one program after the other for their entrepreneurial success, yet they remain stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Their success tool-kits are overflowing with credentials, certificates, knowledge, skills, and talent, but the MOST important ingredient for their success was missing.

The MOST Important Ingredient for Women Entrepreneurs’ Success

I discovered from working with dozens of women, asking questions, and taking surveys, the single most important ingredient for their success is CONFIDENCE.

You Can Fail without This Priceless Key

Confidence is the mindset of successful women entrepreneurs. And it’s one of the keys to living the life of your dreams.

If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you won’t have the confidence to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Research shows that too many women aren’t confident in their entrepreneurial capabilities. Self-doubt and fear of failure stop some women from becoming entrepreneurs, and others from achieving their potential in their businesses.

Confident women entrepreneurs have many positive traits in common. Here are a few of them:

  • They take intelligent risks – it’s risky starting a business. It takes risk to venture into the unknown to grow and thrive, but looking at the pros and cons of taking the risk will increase the odds of success.
  • Willingness to learn – there’s a difference between learning something new and focusing on one’s weaknesses.
  • Failure is an option – they give themselves permission to fail. It frees them to move forward instead of being held hostage by the fear of failure.
  • Persistence – taking a detour and implementing a new plan of action are options, but giving up is never one. Persistence (staying focused and taking action, regardless of difficulties) leads to success.
  • Attitude – a good attitude is infectious, like a magnet, it attracts potential clients, partners and investors, and existing customers remain loyal. This maximizes the potential growth and profitability of businesses.
  • Proactive – Challenges and unforeseen disasters cannot be avoided in business, but with a proactive approach many can be avoided. Strategies and valuable resources (time being one of them) are focused on business growth instead of fixing problems that could have been avoided.
  • Visible – It’s important to be seen, heard, and stand out in the noisy market place. Future and present customers need consistent, effective communication about services or products to start and build lasting customer relationships.
  • Mentoring/coaching – confident women entrepreneurs have mentors/coaches. They aren’t afraid of asking for help. They listen, learn and implement. It accelerates their success.
  • Self-care – success doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t take time to nurture you.

Confident women entrepreneurs are unstoppable for their success, and you can become one of them with my …

How to Unleash Your Confidence Program

How does this program work?

Before I answer this question – listen to recordings below. First the intro, followed by the guided imagery recording.

Do this when you’re alone and without distractions for 30 minutes. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the recordings. When you’re done continue reading about the program.

A Simple Exercise to Set Your Imagination Free!
Guided Imagery


 Welcome back,

  • Did your imagination soar with unbridled possibilities?
  • Did you feel confident and liberated?
  • Did you, for a brief moment, believed you had the confidence to achieve all your personal and entrepreneurial dreams?

In this one of a kind program, you will receive

  • One-hour laser coaching session with me. We’ll get to the ROOT of your lack of confidence issues. I will give you tips, resources, strategies, and specific action steps to be the confident, unstoppable you.
  • A powerful, personalized one hour guided imagery recording.Yes, generic guided imagery recordings do work for some, BUT you will have faster results with your own personalized recording, because it’s specific to you and your confidence challenges and the success you want to achieve.

This guided imagery will change your thought patterns and unleash the confident woman you’ve kept hidden inside you. Taking action, without hesitation, in spite of your fears and uncertainties. You’ll take risks and go boldly and courageously forward to achieve your goals.

And these exclusive bonuses …

  • 30 days of e-mail coaching for support and accountability.
  • 101 downloadable recorded confidence affirmations, (2 versions). One for listening as you fall asleep, or when you’re not engaged in activities that require you full attention.
  • Another version of the 101 downloadable recorded confidence affirmations for listening when you’re driving, working out, or engaged in other activities. They’ll inspire and motivate the confident YOU.
  • Three inspirational wallpapers for you computer.

“WARNING”  THIS PROGRAM PRODUCES RESULTS – don’t buy this program if your goal in life is to remain stuck. Don’t buy this program if you want to stay in the shadows, unhappy and afraid. Don’t buy this program if you want to keep making excuses and blaming others for your unfulfilled life.

But if you’re ready to make your imagination into a reality …


How to Unleash Your Confidence Program NOW!

Only $297 $97
(For A Limited Time Only)

With the right mindset all that you imagined is possible!


CONFIDENCE TRUMPS: knowledge, skills, education, beauty, money, and social standing.

If you have confidence and none of the above…

You’ll take action to acquire the skills, knowledge, and all you need for your success.

On the other hand…

If you have all of the above but you do not believe in yourself,

They will not bring joy.

They will not make you happy.

You will not be fulfilled.

You will find ways (consciously and unconsciously) to sabotage your life.

You will get to the glass ceiling and, instead of moving through, you’ll fall down.

just imagine …

Opening your eyes each day filled with gratitude and ready to face your day with confidence, certainty, courage, and clarity for your possibilities.

The confident you is the authentic you, and you can be this person day in and day out.

Even on those days when your confidence level is low (all successful people have them), you’ll still be the best version of you.

If you’re ready to show up in

life powerfully with

unstoppable confidence …


How to Unleash Your Confidence Program NOW!

Only $297 $97
(For A Limited Time Only)

Your personalized guided imagery mp3 recording and your personalized 101 powerful affirmations will be delivered within 7 calendar days after our coaching session.

My guarantee – if you decide my program is not for you immediately after our coaching session, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

“A Results Program”

I am so glad I worked with Adalia, because I truly believe that the work I did with her has been the catalyst that has help me achieve my goals today. I highly recommend Adalia. She is highly skilled yet very caring and she can help you too to achieve the life of your dreams.

Michele A. Wilson

entrepreneur, business consultant, author/Speaker

“Excellent Program”

Adalia is the force behind my Mindset Makeover™. She’s the best kept secret in the Personal Development industry? With her guidance & a few strategies I’ve learned from my mentors I’ve been able to catapult to jaw dropping heights. Everyone has been wondering what’s going on. How are you doing this? People that have known me for years are speechless about the growth & my recent accomplishments.

Ungenita Prevost

Author & Beauty Expert

“It Works”

Adalia, is a wonderful person with a true gift. She used her talent as a confidence solutions coach, and mindset mastery mentor to guide me through personal and business hurdles.

Kara Mickelson

personal/Private chef, instructor, food stylist

About  Adalia

Adalia Johnis the premier confident solutions coach, hypnotherapist, and mindset mastery mentor. Adalia is the mother of four adult children and the grandmother of her adorable Jasmine. She understands the importance of having self-confidence. When she was unceremoniously deposited on a sidewalk, pregnant, with her two little boys at her side, her passionate WHY and DETACHMENT helped her to move forward with life, but without self-confidence (believing in herself and her abilities), her WHY and practicing the art of DETACHMENT would not have been enough.

Adalia has a passion for entrepreneurship. It gave her, divorced mom of four children, the freedom to participate in school activities for most of their school years. And the flexibility to balance business and family.

She knows how it feels to have a successful business and lose confidence when it falls apart. When your core foundation is confidence, you’ll see hope in your darkest days. You’ll take a detour around those obstacles, or find the perfect tool to move through them.

Adalia understands the challenges women entrepreneurs face daily, and the important role confidence plays in their success, personally and professionally. Her passionate purpose is to help YOU unleash your confidence to live the life of your dreams. You are WORTHY!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent my program and it’s potential. The testimonials are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money or complete any project.

Questions? – Email adalia[at]claimyourconfidencenow[dot]com